Rehabilitation Self Management
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There is much evidence today that one's personal lifestyle factors play an important role in cardiovascular health. In addition to pacemakers, ablations and medication, the cardiac care that the doctors prescribe, there are other factors that impact one's health. They are wholly up to the individual. Individuals must take full responsibility for changing, creating and maintaining new meaningful personal behaviors with regard to nutrition and exercise. Further, managing one's emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and depression is vitally important. One must not only change their lifestyle but alter their view of the future.

Obesity, diabetes and hypertension are common concerns of the aging population. An association between certain metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease has been known since the 1940s. In the 1980s this association became more clearly defined and the term Metabolic Syndrome was coined.


What is metabolic syndrome? It is a combination of medical disorders or a cluster of metabolic risk factors that come together in a single individual. They increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.It affects one in five people, and prevalence increases with age. For more information about Metabolic Syndrome please click here.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 1.6 billion people overweight in the world.  Globally, at least 2.5 million deaths are attributed to this cause annually.  More people now die from being overweight than from being underweight.

How can one measure if they are overweight or obese? The Body Mass Index is an important indicator. To determine your own BMI click here.


Your blood pressure reading may indicate Hypertension. Your doctor should check this every time you visit. However you can also do-it-yourself at most pharmacies who provide a sphygmomanometer instrument free of charge or you can buy one for use at home. To learn more about the significance of the Systolic and Diastolic readings go to LifeClinic.


For information concerning diabetes click here.

And for more information concerning Fitness and/or Nutrition, click on the page on the left sidebar. Self managing both is very important. One without the other does not work. Exercising without proper diet, or proper diet without exercise will not keep one healthy.